It´s been six years since I joined CMA; at that time we had less than ten members. This summer we will celebrate our eight year birthday, and we will have almost fifty full color members! We have two main chapters at the moment and a few forming ones. Saarijärvi Chapter started prison ministry and they actively visit different prisons in Finland and in Albania during our mission trip there. Our National President, Matti Natri, lived there many years and God made a big impact through him in Balkan states! Now we are glad to have him and his family back in Finland and developing CMA Finland.

One of the first prison visits we learned the leader of the place was a motorcyclist also. He wanted to drive ahead of us through the prison gates. It was a good opening and I believe it was a spiritual opening also to us in that work! Now doors have opened to many prisons and also more secure ones.

Last month we participated in the main motorcycle exhibition in Finland. We were there for the second time. 57,000 people were in attendance! Many good conversations were had in our tent and on the last day of that weekend one man gave his life to Jesus! We praise that God does His work one heart at a time!

A few years ago I wrote that it´s been a time for building and making us ready to have more members. Now God has given them to us! Our growth has put us in a situation that we needed a national level to guide and help in all things. So we established a national board; made up of President Matti and two board members: myself and Sakari Pihlaja. Please pray for us that we succeed in our work and be patient to build a good foundation where different chapters and members can work!

Big opportunities lay ahead. A new racetrack is opening to Finland this year! KymiRing track in Iitti; it is the first track in Finland that fills the standards of MotoGP. The plan is that in 2020 there will be a MotoGP race in Finland. We need to be there sharing the Gospel and showing love to people. I have a dream that we have an international team there during that event to reach as many people as we can! You are the most welcome to help us on that mission in our land of thousand lakes, either here or in prayers!

Viki Pakarinen, national board member

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