God is faithful! CMA Finland turns 10 years in 2021!

Year 2020 was a year of battles, it’s no news. All the biggest biker events were cancelled in Finland, just like the rest of the World. Also, we had several members leaving CMA, starting a new Christian MCC in Finland. This may look like a battle we lost, but we still have the same destination, we decide not to worry that our brothers and sisters took a different route. Instead, we keep faith that God will continue His work through CMA and through us, if we simply follow Him.

God has already opened us another door as new members joined from three different towns: Kemi, Turku and Lapua. Also, the forming chapter in Kouvola now has their own (or should I say rented) clubhouse to have their regular meetings.

Luckily, the covid restrictions in Finland have been easy enough, so that we’ve been able to allow 10 people in our meetings most of the time, more than enough to pray together legally and practice fellowship so that we are prepared to share the Gospel also off season. And we must not forget our tools; isn’t it great to have the whole winter time to work on your bike so that it will not stutter when spring arrives, you open the garage door and twist the throttle!

Let’s keep focused on Jesus Christ. “Prepare the way for the Lord’s coming! Clear the road for him!”

Let's pray that God will keep adding more new members; members to form a chapter in each new CMA town. We pray that we will be able to continue our work with the bikers at our Jyväskylä clubhouse and launch a similar or new kind of work in the Kouvola clubhouse. I hope it’s appropriate to call it “Bible & BBQ“ kind of evangelism, when we serve grilled sausages, coffee, biker bibles and our testimonies to biker youth during their underground stunt events and help fix their bikes. We pray for resources to start similar work in the new CMA locations as well, because these underground events are the building ground for tomorrows bikers. We also pray that we are fully prepared to serve in the first Finnish road racing Grand Prix since 1980’s when the MotoGP Championship event takes place at Kymiring circuit July 2021, some 20 minutes from Kouvola downtown. And we need trust in God and not worry too much whether our plans will be cancelled or changed last minute.

Tero Ahola, chapter president, Jyväskylä, Finland

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