Ten years of CMA ministry

Greetings to you all from Finland! Thank you for all your prayers for us! It´s wonderful to know that we are part of a world wide ministry and wrapped around prayers coming from all over globe, what a blessing!

Last summer we had our 10th year celebration. Our prayer is that in next ten years God would give us bikers who will find Christ and join CMA. We are sad that we have seen so few salvations past years in ministry. Anniversary party was awesome! We had an honor to have quests from CMA Latvia and Sweden in our party, it was refreshing to have brothers from different country visiting us.

World has been quite different past two years with Covid19 and gets more interesting because of actions our neighbor country (Russia). Previously we had quite a many small mission trips and outreaches, but now we have focused more inside on our country.

We have now garage´s in two town´s Jyväskylä and Kouvola. One of the main goals in those places is serve and get to know local moped youth and motorcyclists. Moped youths are quite organized and they meet in summer time regularly and to those meetings attend dozens of young people at the time. Their big interest is stunt riding and many of them is all the time practicing wheelies and other tricks. Jyväskylä chapter we have managed to get good contact´s to those meet leaders and they have taken our garage for regular place to visit. We hope and pray that God will give his love trough us to them and change many lives through that ministry.

We are still waiting the first MotoGP event in Finland, now it´s scheduled to July, let´s see will it happen. We have good plans to go there and serve people.

This month should be the biggest national motorcycle exhibition, but it was cancelled because of Covid. We usually go there to meet people and tell them gospel and what we do. Next month in the end of April here in Jyväskylä is another Exhibition, we have a tent in that event. Normally that exhibition collects around 6000 visitors, it´s 1/10 of a size of the national exhibition. But who counts, it´s changing world one heart at a time?

Relying on God´s love and grace for all of us! Let´s keep on doing ministry.

Viki Pakarinen

CMA Finland

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